tick boxes to block Messengers etc.

Block Live Messenger with


Easily add extra things to the blocked lists - tailor it to your needs.

Use it in addition to your normal firewall system for extra security.

- try it free for 28 days.


TerminatorX v2 runs invisibly on network workstations or home computers and detects banned programs and web sites. Any found just disappear from the screen.

TerminatorX can also block proxy sites and anonymous surfing, block Yahoo Messenger, block AIM Messenger, block Web Messengers, block LimeWire, block eBay, block Facebook and MySpace, Block YouTube, block chat, block gambling sites - there are over 450 choices available.

You can find out who is trying to access banned web sites or programs, by running TerminatorX Monitor on a System Administrator's remote workstation:

Download Monitor now - free add-on to TerminatorX

TerminatorX Monitor - see who is abusing your system

Clicking a list entry provides additional details. TerminatorX Monitor can be set to save the details in a .CSV (comma separated values) file which can be opened and viewed in Excel.

TerminatorX v2 is selective - you can choose to allow MSN Messenger etc. to be used by some users (managers or teachers) but not others (employees or students).

Find out about School District Licenses

Discounts available for 2 or more Site Licenses.

Read some comments by site license customers.

Note that Web Messengers can't be blocked by blocking ports.... TerminatorX v2 can block them!

What applications can TerminatorX v2 stop?


Just about any. The common ones you can tick in the list provided with TerminatorX (see below).

Others, including future applications, that become a nuisance can be easily added. You can select any combination (one or more) of the following individual applications to block:

File sharing applications - possible illegal downloading (& prosecution), time-wasting, distracting, connection slowing, viruses and bandwidth consuming

Addax, ApexDC++, Arachnid, Ares, Azureus, BadBlue, BearFlix, BearShare, BitComet, BitSpirit, BitTorrent, BitZip, Blubster, Cabos, Cheetah, CitrixWire, Crapster, DC++, DexterWire, Direct Connect, eDonkey, eMule, File Miner, File Navigator, FileScope, File Seeker, FileShare, Filetopia, FlashGet, FreeWire, FrostWire, giFT, GLUZ, Gnotella, Gnucleus, Gnutella, GO MP3, Grokster, iMesh, KaZaA, KCeasy, Kiwi Alpha, LemonWire, LimeWire, Lphant, MLDonkey, Morpheus, MP3 Rocket, MP3 Torpedo, MP3DownloadCity.com, Mute, MyNapster, MyTunes, Napster, NeoNapster, Opera's DC++ (oDC), Overnet, PHEX, Piolet, Prune Baby, SababaDC, Shareaza, SharkTorrent, StarMule, SwapNut, Swapper, The Pirate Bay, Torrent Harvester, Torrent clients (general), Torrent Swapper, Tribler, TrustyFiles, URLBlaze, µTorrent, Warez P2P, WinMP3Locator, WinMX, xMule, XoloX, Yaga, Zultrax

Messenger programs and web sites - time-wasting, distracting, security implications and viruses

aMSN ,AIM Express, Aim Triton, AOL Instant Messenger, APNI.NET Messenger, AreaMessenger, Baidu Hi, Clientless Conversations, Centova Web Messenger, Communication Tube, Cute Web Messenger, Dave's Messenger, Easy Messenger, eBuddy, eMeSeNe Messenger, eMessenger, Excite Messenger, Google Talk, Google Wave, Goowy, ILoveIM, IM2 Messenger, Imaginarlo, IMO.IM messenger, IMhaha Messenger, IMUnitive, Instan-t, Instan-t Express, Jabber, KoolIM, Mabber, Meebo, Meetro, Miranda, Mercury, Messenger Plus!, MSN Messenger, MessengerFX, MMClient, MSN Web Messenger, MSN2Go, MSNCP, MyEMessenger, MySpaceIM, PixaMSN, Pidgin, PongoMSN, PortalMes.com, Private Message Plus, RadiusIM, Regnessem, Qnext, QQ Messenger, Scooper's Messenger, SIM-IM, Snimmer ,Star Messenger, URMessenger, Windows Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo Web Messenger

Chat and video communication applications - time-wasting, distracting, security implications and viruses

All chat on Internet explorer, Almanak, AOL Chat rooms, Camfrog Video Chat, Chat House, Chatterbox, Easy IRC, Easy Message Express, Excite chat, Google Chats, Google Mail (Gmail) Chat, ICQ, ICQ.com, ICQ2go, ICUII, JWChat, Lycos chat, MICA, mIRC, MSN Chat, NetMeeting, Odigo, Paltalk, QQ chat, Talk City, Trillian, Visual IRC, Vypress, Worldvillage chat, XChat, Yahoo! Chat, Yak,

Internet phones - time-wasting, distracting, connection slowing and bandwidth consuming

Advanced Call Center, iConnectHere, Net2Phone, PC-Telephone, RealTunnel, Skype, StanaPhone

Keylogging and Stealth - security implications - can obtain users passwords, bank account details etc.

General keyloggers and sites, Remote Password Stealer, General Spying and Stealth

Miscellaneous application and Windows components - security implications, and system corruption

Advanced Process Termination, America Online browser, Control panel, Daphne process blocker, Display Properties, DOS box, DOSBox games utility, Internet Explorer (Microsoft), Microsoft Spy++, Msconfig, Personalization (Vista), Process Explorer, Process Suspender, Process Viewer, Regedit, Registry Booster, Remote Havoc, Security Task Manager, System Restore, Sysinternals utilities, Task Manager, Time/Date (system clock), What's Running, Yahoo! Widgets

Social Networks - security implications, and system corruption

43 Things, 8hands, Adultfriendfinder.com AsianAve, Badoo.com, Bahu.com, Bebo, Biip.no, BlackPlanet, Blink.dagbladet.no, Blockcatalog.com, Broadcaster, CafeMom, Capazoo, CarDomain, Care2, ClassMates, Couchsurfing.com, Cyworld, Dada, Deiligst.no, Digg (video sharing), Dontstayin.com, eCRUSH, efamilyties.com, eSPIN, Experienceproject.com, Facebook, Facebox, Faceparty, Flickr, Flirtomatic, Flixter (photo sharing), Fotki, Fotolog, FreeCycle, Friends Reunited, Friendster, Fubar.com, Gaia Online, Gather.com, Geni.com, Google Buzz, Grono.net, GuildCafe, Habbo, Hi5, Horseland, Hyves.net, iLike, Imeem, IRC-Galeria.net, iWiW, Jaiku.com, Last.fm, LiveJournal, LunarStorm, Meetup.com, Metawishlist.com, MiGente, Mixi.jp, Mocospace.com, Multiply, Muxlim.com, Mybloglog.com, MyLOL.net, MySpace, MyYearBook, Nasza-klassa-pl, Netlog, Nexopia, Orkut, OtherEgo.com, Passado, PeopleAgregator.com, PerfSpot, Photobucket (photo sharing), Piczo, Platial, Plaxo.com, Plurk, Pownce.com, ProfileFly, ProfileLinker, Realbuzz, RockYou (photo sharing), Skyrock and Skyblog, Slide (photo sharing), Sonico.com, SoundPedia, Stickam, StudiVZ, StumbleUpon, Tabber, Tagged, TagWorld, Tribe.net, Trombi.com, Tuenti, Twitter, Upcoming (Yahoo), V Kontakte, Viadeo.com, Vox.net, WAYN, Webjam, Windows Live Spaces, Xanga, Yahoo! 360, Zoolit, Zoosk

Proxy/Anonymous surfing - security implications, system corruption, bypassing school restrictions and viruses

General proxy sites (catchall) , General anonymous surfing (catchall), General tunneling sites (catchall), 3proxy, Browzar, Google Translator (cloaking), Hideipaddress, Hopster , HTTPort , IPbounce, Idzap, Loki Network Client, Lqlq, Slyuser, Surfscreened, Systran.co.uk (cloaking), Torify, Torpark, Windows Live Translator (cloaking)

Casinos and Gambling - time-wasting, illegal in some places and distracting

General casino sites, General gambling sites, General betting sites, Poker sites, Baccarat sites, Blackjack and Punto Banco, Keno and bingo, Lottery sites, scratch cards and scratch and win sites

Auctions - time-wasting and distracting

General auction sites, Bidz, eBay, eBid, ePier, Half.com, QXL, uBid

Warez - illegal downloading (& prosecution), time-wasting, distracting, connection slowing, viruses and bandwidth consuming

General sites for Appz, Crackz, Serialz and Warez

Music players - time-wasting and distracting

FLV Player, MoodLogic Player, MusicMatch, RealOne Player, Sonique, Winamp, Windows Media Player

Web mail - time-wasting, distracting, security implications and viruses

Excite mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Lycos mail, Yahoo mail

Downloads - corrupting systems, illegal downloading (& prosecution), time-wasting, distracting, connection slowing, viruses and bandwidth consuming

iTunes, General downloads of software, BBC iplayer, YouTube, TubeSucker, Google Video, Ogrish.com, MSN Video, MetaCafe, Crackle, General Streaming media (TV, Radio, Video, Movies), Orbit, Rhapsody, LiveLeak, Justin.tv,Ustream.tv

On-line games - time-wasting, distracting and viruses

General online games, Games.com, Halftimegames.com, Hotgames, ijji, Kidzworld, Miniclip.com, MouseBreaker, MSN Games, PlaySite Games, Pogo.com, PopCap, QuickSnooker, Shockwave, .swf games, Yahoo! Games

Games - time-wasting and distracting

Chess Titans, Hearts, Freecell, InkBall, Internet Backgammon, Internet Checkers, Internet Hearts, Internet Reversi, Mahjong Titans, Minesweeper, Pinball, Purble Place, Solitaire, Spider Solitaire

Sports News - time-wasting and distracting

General sports sites, BBC Sport, CBS SportsLine, EPSN.go.com, Fox Sports, Sky Sports, Sporting News, Sports Illustrated, Sportsnews.com, USA Today, Yahoo! Sports

Plus any others that you wish to add if you find that they are causing you a problem. Additions are easy to do for any programs or web sites not mentioned above - or that may arise in the future.

Yes, you can ban any combination of the above applications. For example you could choose to block BitComet, MSN Messenger, ICQ, eBay, Casinos and iTunes.

TerminatorX can be used over Novell and NT server networks and also works with Windows workstations on a Unix network or Linux network. TerminatorX can be set up to work locally on portable computers and can be used on peer-to-peer network configurations that have no server.

Port blocking


As well as stopping web messengers and proxy sites such as these, using TerminatorX has other advantages over port blocking. It can:

Why use TerminatorX?


Whether at work, school or home, file sharing programs like LimeWire or SoMud, torrent sites, messenger programs and chat rooms -

TerminatorX offers an easy and effective method of stopping users (employees or children) running time-wasting or dangerous applications.


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