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School children are using proxy sites to bypass school filtering systems. These proxy sites - also called anonymous surfing sites - are making it increasingly difficult for schools to ban access to a range of social networking, music, messenger and other web sites.

See the BBC news item - Pupils 'bypassing school internet security'

The students just visit the proxy sites, type in the web site address and the proxy sites provide the banned web pages for them. The School's filtering system does not register that the content from the banned site is being passed on to the students through these 'innocent' proxy sites. For schools to ensure that access to banned sites is prevented, they must block proxy sites.

Please note that TerminatorX also detects and blocks generic features of proxy sites. It allows access to some proxy sites, but stops them being used to access other sites.

- try it for 28 days.

You can see out who is trying to use blocked proxy sites or anything else that you have chosen to ban. TerminatorX Monitor (a free add-on to TerminatorX) lists any programs or web sites that have been shut down. It can be set up on a computer located anywhere on your network - for example an Administrator's workstation. The details are shown in 'real time' as the attempts are made. This screenshot shows a typical view:

Download Monitor now - free add-on to TerminatorX

See who is trying to use Proxy sites?


In addition to blocking proxy sites and anonymous surfing sites, TerminatorX v2 can also block chat applications including web-based chat, Block Youtube, block gambling sites, block Messengers, block Web Messengers, block LimeWire, and block Ebay - there are over 450 choices available.

Please click here for district-wide licensing for school districts.

See our discounts for 2 or more site orders if you represent a company with area offices or branches, or a university encompassing large or separate campuses.

It makes sense - why block web sites if your children can bypass the blocking.

Why block Proxy Sites and block Anonymous Surfing Sites?


School blocking filters are used to protect students, to stop them wasting time, and to prevent harm to the school's computer systems. There are some well documented dangers associated with proxy sites and these are also briefly outlined here .

Today's school children and college students are far better at staying one step ahead of access blocking systems than was true a few years ago. In recent months there has been a huge growth in the availablility of proxy sites - also called cloaking sites and tunneling sites- which feed them content from other web pages.

Many schools currently block specific web sites by blocking their web site address (http://www....) or their IP address ( Since these proxy sites pass on the banned web pages by displaying their content within the proxy site's web pages, the detectors do not pick up on these addresses and the children can surf without restriction. The proxy sites often deliver the web pages in encrypted form and can get past content filtering techniques that look for included keywords or flesh tones in the page content.

Use TerminatorX to block proxy and block anonymous surfing sites so that, if your students try to use them, they disappear from the screen. Information about who is trying to access which proxy sites can be displayed using the Monitor program - see above).

A typical regularly updated list of proxy servers can be seen here.


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