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Why Block Casino and Poker sites?


Gambling is addictive and time wasting. Each year many people fall foul of a gambling addiction - losing their jobs, their homes and their families in the process. What starts out as a harmless 'bit of fun' can quickly lead to a total absorption.

Some religions wisely forbid gambling. Some parts of the world e.g. some states in the US forbid gambling. They do so for a reason - gambling can wreck lives.

Now TXNoGam version specifically created to block gambling sites to help you stop gambling.

The easy way to ban gambling internet sites is to block them with TXNoGam.

TXNoGam can:

TXNoGam also blocks Proxy sites which bypass network filters that allow people to surf without any restrictions.


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TXNoGam blocks casinos and blocks poker sites Block casinos and block poker sites with TXNoGam